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Vote YES for SB 116

Business Rent Tax
Cut the business rent sales tax by 1%

Vote YES for SB 116 by Sen. Dorothy Hukill (R-Port Orange) and HB 247 by Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen (R-Fort Myers).

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Important Points:

  • Florida is the only state in the country that charges a sales tax on business rent, creating a financial burden for any business that leases space — from the local pet shop and hair salon to the multinational chain store.
  • In addition to the 6% tax charged by the state, local governments may levy an additional 1.5%. So in some communities, like Monroe County, businesses are paying a 7.5% sales tax on their business rent.  In Miami-Dade the sales tax is 7% and in Broward it is 6%.
  • Two out of every three jobs in Florida are created by a small business. Lowering the business rent tax will provide capital to expand, hire more employees, improve benefits and raise salaries. A full repeal of this tax has the potential to add 185,000 jobs and $21 billion back into the state’s economy.
  • Florida can afford this tax cut.  State revenues are on the rise, and they continue to increase every month.  Businesses paid $1.7 Billion in rent tax in 2015.  The state should reinvest 1% or $289.5 million back into the economy.

If Florida lowers the business rent tax, small business owners, their employees and their families win. And when they win, Florida wins.